At Danehurst, we’ve built a reputation for our ‘win win’ approach to property development. From the first conversation to the finished project we act openly and with integrity so that when we bring a site to fruition, all parties benefit. At the start of every project we ask ourselves the following questions: What will make the deal advantageous for the landowner? How can we improve the lives of our prospective residents? And finally, how can we minimise the inconvenience for our local residents and neighbours?

Throughout each project we work to answer these questions, maintaining our principles along the way, treating people how we ourselves would wish to be treated.

For Danehurst, the residents and the landowners we work with, we believe that’s the right way to conduct business and to grow our company.

We believe that principles matter.



The local community

It’s important for our developments to become an integral part of the communities where they will be situated and we have been steadily forming trusted relationships with planning authorities and with the people local to our projects.

We make it our priority to consult with the local community, listening to their views and wherever possible, addressing their issues. These conversations help shape our developments, informing what we do and how we do it. You can read more about community engagement here.


Where it all starts

Each opportunity starts with an introduction to an owner of land or property with potential for redevelopment. With the land or property owner looking to maximise the value of their asset, we use our experience and industry knowledge to unlock the potential of the site.

Typically, we agree to purchase a plot subject to obtaining planning permission within an agreed timeframe. We then draw up a detailed development proposal for the site in close dialogue with local planners.The process of converting a potential development opportunity to a completed development is complex, time-consuming and costly, but also extremely exciting! Removing the planning risk in this way allows us to pay a premium price over and above market rate, creating a risk/reward sharing arrangement between the landowner and Danehurst.View the process in more detail.

It’s an attractive proposition that has led to all our developments to date originating from an approach made to us by a land or property owner. We are always interested in meeting or being introduced to owners of land or property with potential for redevelopment, so if know of a site that meets our requirements please contact us.

Tranquil space – Podium, 70 Egham Hill


Experience and expertise

From the directors ‘win win’ approach to the professionals involved in each step, we rely on great teamwork. Our workplace is a collaborative environment which encourages ideas, innovation and discussion.

We work with experienced and creative designers and architects and actively seek to improve on the standards offered by our competitors. We regularly push boundaries when it comes to living-space for our residents and increase desirability through design considerations like roof-top terraces and landscaped gardens. We have established a long and trusted relationships with our main contractors to do what they do best. We aim to build loyal, long-term relationships with our trading partners. Read the directors’ biographies here.It’s our approach to doing business, combined with our experience that sets the firm apart from other property developers.

“on behalf of myself and several other residents, my thanks for the honourable manner in which you sought to recognise the inconvenience that Middle Hill has suffered by this funding based on fines from Contractors.”

Resident, Middle Hill (neighbour of Podium, 70 Egham Hill).


We believe in reducing the impact of our developments on the environment and recognise that our actions today can affect generations to come.

At the start of each project we commission specialist studies from conservation and ecology experts to help shape our development plans. We consider environmental factors in relation to ecosystems, wildlife, green areas and biodiversity; we incorporate habitat-enhancing measures in our landscaping proposals and the building fabric.We take active steps to protect and enhance native flora and fauna and follow sustainable building practices, such as segregating waste for re-use to reduce landfill. We also build-in features within our developments that encourage residents to act responsibly.We adjust the siting and sometimes the size of buildings to avoid damaging impact on roots of retained trees and reinstate any trees lost as a result of our developments (on a ratio of 1:1 or better) with native trees, often enhancing the overall quality of trees on the site.

“It is to the appellant’s [Danehurst] credit that the mature oak close to Egham Hill is to be retained, despite the arboricultural recommendation that it might be removed.”

John Gray, Planning Inspector
The oak in question!

Social Responsibility

As a company concerned with development and construction , we are aware of the impact we have on the environment and on the local community and we take our Corporate Social Responsibility duties very seriously.

At all stages of planning, construction and completion, we liaise with local authorities, local people and local groups to ensure that we are achieving results that are both acceptable and welcomed by local communities.Only when we are satisfied that we can measurably benefit the places in which we build to a standard that meets with our rigorous CSR principles do we proceed with acquisition and subsequent development.If you believe you have, or know of, a site that meets our requirements please contact us here.


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